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Methodological materials

Usually outcomes of historical research “belongs” exclusively to historians – they analyze each others works in specific “high level” academic conferences and special historical magazines. Then after some time curricula developers introduce new topics into the school programs and text-books writers produce new text – books. This long way between professional historians and teachers in schools and students in classes is not very effective. This time it was done more democratically and flexible. Teachers participated in the debates together with the professional historians and were able immediately include newest information into their lesson plans. On another hand teachers give new ideas for researchers – which historical topics are most requested for them and students. Teachers become an effective flexible link between academic society and students. The group of 40 teachers was selected and special training cared out. During these training sessions new historical researches were presented and discussed; also methodological guidelines and principals how to use this new information for school lessons were presented by experts. Based on this new knowledge teachers themselves created new educational tools, lesson plans, school project ideas.





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