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Historical Research

After consultations with experts were formulated 16 topics of research (10 related with Lithuania and 6 with other countries history under Soviet rule). Contracts were signed with selected historians who cared out and presented in deep historical research. (The list of historians and the research subjects are below).

Historians in their papers analyse how the Soviet regime affected countries and societies occupied by Soviet Union or belonged to Soviet system. Historians from Lithuania, Czech Republic and Rumania researched different aspects of Soviet totalitarianism and crimes committed by Soviet regimes in Central and Eastern Europe: suppression of freedom movements, violation of basic human rights (the extent and ways in which human rights have been violated, how the Soviet occupation led to daily lives, from military training in schools, ending state interference in family life), destruction of normal economical and social development of countries and Soviet legacy after liberation from Soviet totalitarianism. In deep research was good opportunity to learn about experience of different countries under Soviet rule and analyze how to increase public awareness about European totalitarian past, about causes and consequences of totalitarian regimes, how to educate our younger generation in order to prevent our political systems from influence of dangerous radical ideologies.

Historical Researches