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Vilius Ivanauskas

 Dr. Vilius Ivanauskas is a is a postdoctoral research fellow and lecturer at IIRPS VU, senior political analyst and research fellow at Lithuanian Institute of History and Eastern Europe studies centre. He received a PhD from the Lithuanian Institute of History in 2008, as well as MA degree in History (with specialization of social anthropology) from Vilnius University. “

Research visits and honours:
• February, 2010:  research visits to divisions/centres of East European and Russia studies in a few US universities (Indiana university, UC of Berkeley, Stanford university), and giving public lectures in UC of Berkeley and Indiana universities;
• April, 2009: Laureate (1 of 3 best dissertation of social-humanitarian sciences) in the contest „Best Doctoral Dissertations of 2008 in Lithuania“, organized by Lithuanian Society of Young researchers. Reward in the Presidency of Lithuanian Republic.


„Sovietinė nomenklatūra ir išskirtinis vartojimas- nuo privilegijų iki nelegalumo